UC Davis Survey Collects Data on CBD for Pets

TrueMedicines is participating in the UC Davis survey to collect data about CBD and pets. The survey is anonymous and will be live for about six months.

We are submitting data from one our our team members who volunteers at an animal refuge and has been coordinating CBD treatment for a cat that has seizures.

Read more about Sandy the Calico Cat on our blog, including product selection, dosage and administration method. 

Dr. Jamie Peyton, chief of Integrative Medicine Service for UC Davis, said there’s a serious lack of research on the efficacy of cannabis for pets. "The information for human medical cannabis and recreational around the corner is there, and the access is there," she said.

"So I think there are a lot of owners that are really interested in looking into these products for their animals for pain, anxiety, seizures - the same issues we see in people.”

From the survey:

Despite the growing interest in medical cannabis for humans, there is very little known about the usage and role of cannabis in pets.  This anonymous survey is a research project to gather information on this topic.  All participation is voluntary and will involve answering the following questions.  The data will then used to educate the public on the growing role of these products in the pet population and potentially help further funding for future research.   




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