Hemp-Based CBD

There are certain plants that have been used for thousands of years all over the world to enhance human health. In today’s globalized and technologically advanced society, we’re fortunate enough to have access to these plants and all they can provide. Our goal is to bring these beneficial plants to you in exciting ways, and to improve your quality of life.

We believe in clean, transparent, healthy products. Everything we make us formulated with non-gmo, plant-based, natural ingredients. On top of that, every batch of our unique water-soluble CBD powder is lab tested to ensure it has 0.0% THC.

Hemp is a powerful plant, but it’s not alone. We’ve used some of most recognized beneficial plants from around the world in our products formulations, such as turmeric, maca and ashwagandha.

Our full-spectrum CBD hemp extract is converted to a water-soluble powder, making it significantly more bioavailable than CBD oil products.
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