Data Science Research

TrueMedicines is committed to bringing research to customers for them to make educated decisions around plant-based nutraceuticals. We have created an interactive dashboard around Medical Marijuana / Cannabis strains initially focusing on THC and CBD. 

We have collected data from hundreds of thousands of real customer reviews and run complex data science algorithms to help identify patterns in the data. You can read our scientific publication for PTSD and Cannabis here: 

Learn more about our research findings in our paper here.


How you can use this dashboard:

  • Discover new strains with similar characteristics
  • Analyse strain efficacy based on TrueMedicines' unique side effect score (obviously, the lower the better)
  • Discover which strains are popular for specific medical conditions
  • ...and tell us what you think. Our data is crowd-sourced from real users like you. So help us in our campaign to bring scientific power to support the wide-spread adoption of natural plant-based products.



Interactive Dashboard