Our TrueExplorer service includes phenotype profiles for medical and recreational effects, as well as the chemical blueprint for thousands of phenotypes. You can use the Phenotype Profiler to view medical conditions, recreational effects, comparable products, side effect score, cannabinoids and terpenes for over 4,000 strains.

Also, with TrueExplorer you can upload your Certificate of Analysis to determine which phenotype family it really belongs to. Discover which medical conditions and recreational effects a phenotype matches in order to select future products based on customer demand and market trends.

The TrueFinder Product Recommender is included free with the TrueExplorer package.

Increase Sales:

  • Engage customers to stay on the site longer 
  • Provide reliable, credible, user-friendly guidance
  • Suggest similar products 
  • Position high margin products
  • Configured for your inventory
Build Brand Loyalty:
  • Interactive tool engages customer
  • Science-backed data builds loyalty
  • Customized for your brand

Optimize Product Mix:

  • Select which products to carry based on effect and chemical profile
  • Market trends at the product level
  • Predict the next popular product

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