TrueFinder is for consumers who are looking for products for specific medical conditions or recreational effects.

Today, consumers are guessing at what will work for them, especially medical consumers. With the amount of strains available and the different modalities for administration, as well as the different side effects, such as dizziness and paranoia, medical consumers need direction and confidence.

This is especially true if they are ordering online for delivery without the assistance of a medical practitioner or a bud-tender, which is how many medical consumers prefer to buy. Give your customers a tool that simplifies the process and promotes brand loyalty.

TrueFinder is a simple, easy to use tool that provides recommendations for medical and recreational consumers in one simple step. >> Select a medical condition or recreational effect and get product recommendations color-coded for side effect. Click to buy.

Customize your products for your customers, based on their needs, your inventory using science-backed data from TrueMedicines.

The Problem:

  • Customers are guessing at what will work for them, especially medical customers
  • They need direction and confidence
  • They don’t know how to choose
The Solution:
  • Select a medical condition or recreational effect
  • Get product recommendations
  • Choose products with low side effects
  • Easy to use interactive tool

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